5 Things You Need to Know About Electric Motorcycle Hub Motor

Mar 20, 2023

5 Things You Need to Know About Electric Motorcycle Hub Motor


As a motorcycle enthusiast, I have always been fascinated by how electric motorcycles work. One of the key components of an electric motorcycle is the hub motor. In this blog post, I will provide you with 5 important things you need to know about the electric motorcycle hub motor.


How Does an Electric Motorcycle Hub Motor Work?


The electric motorcycle hub motor is a motor that is built into the wheel hub. It is a type of brushless DC motor that uses electromagnets to rotate the wheel. The hub motor can be located either in the front or rear wheel, but it is most commonly found in the rear wheel. The electric motorcycle hub motor works by using the power of the battery to create an electromagnetic field that rotates the wheel.


When the rider accelerates, the controller sends a signal to the motor to turn on. The motor then draws power from the battery and creates an electromagnetic field that rotates the wheel. The faster the motor spins, the more torque it produces, which translates into a faster acceleration.


One of the benefits of an electric motorcycle hub motor is that it eliminates the need for a chain or belt drive system. This not only reduces the maintenance requirements of the motorcycle, but it also increases the efficiency of the power transfer from the battery to the wheel. Additionally, the hub motor is located in the wheel hub, making it less susceptible to damage from debris or road hazards.


Power Ratings of Electric Motorcycle Hub Motor


The power rating of the electric motorcycle hub motor plays a crucial role in determining the speed and torque of the motorcycle. The power rating is a measure of the amount of power that the motor can generate. It is measured in watts or kilowatts.


For example, the 5000w electric motorcycle, 8000w electric motorcycle and 10000w electric motorcycle


The power rating of the electric motorcycle hub motor can vary depending on the manufacturer, model, and design of the motor. Generally, higher power ratings mean higher speeds and greater torque. This makes the electric motorcycle hub motor an essential component to consider while designing a high-performance electric motorcycle. The power rating can also impact the range of the electric motorcycle as higher power ratings can lead to faster battery drain.


The actual amount of power produced by an electric motorcycle depends on the load added to it and the maximum current allowed by the controller. Power ratings only indicate the power output for a certain period and are further complicated by the absence of a standard duration for determining peak or rate power. For instance, a motor may peak at 5000 watts for only a few seconds before dropping to a continuous power of 3500 watts. To get a better idea of the power generated, it is advisable to use watt-hours generated by the battery rather than the e-motorcycle motor power rating. To determine the ideal power, multiply the e-motorcycle battery voltage with the amperes for a motor controller, and research the percent efficiency, which may vary depending on the electric motorcycle manufacturers.


In case you possess an e-motorcycle battery of 72 volts and a controller of 50 amperes, the recommended power rating should be 3600 watts. However, due to different factors, there could be a loss of efficiency of around 25%, resulting in an output of 2700 watts. This power output is quite similar to the advertised 2500 watts of several e-motorcycle. It is essential to conduct thorough research to determine the true value of your electric motorcycle and its components.


Its Interaction with Controller and Battery


It is important to note that the power rating of the electric motorcycle hub motor should be balanced with other components of the motorcycle, such as the battery and controller, to ensure optimal performance.


A high-powered motor with a low-capacity battery may not provide the desired performance, while a low-powered motor with a high-capacity battery may have a longer range but lower speed and torque. Therefore, it is crucial to select a motor with an appropriate power rating that complements the other components of the electric motorcycle.


In conclusion, the power rating of the electric motorcycle hub motor is a key factor in determining the performance of an electric motorcycle, and it should be carefully considered while designing or upgrading an electric motorcycle.


Electric Motorcycle Hub Motor vs Mid Drive Motors


The debate over whether to choose an electric motorcycle hub motor or mid drive motor is a common one among electric bike enthusiasts. Both types of motors have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice ultimately depends on the rider's specific needs and preferences.


A hub motor is mounted directly on the wheel hub and provides power directly to the wheel, making it a simpler and more efficient option. It also requires less maintenance and is generally quieter than a mid drive motor. However, hub motors can be heavier and can affect the balance of the bike, which can be a concern for some riders. On the other hand, mid drive motors are mounted on the frame and work in conjunction with the bike's gears to provide a smoother and more natural ride.


They are also more efficient on hills and can provide more torque, making them a better option for off-road riding. However, mid drive motors can be more complex and require more maintenance, and can also be louder than hub motors. Ultimately, the choice between a hub motor and mid drive motor comes down to the rider's individual preferences and priorities.


Maintenance of Electric Motorcycle Hub Motors


Maintaining the hub motor of an electric motorcycle is important to ensure that it continues to operate efficiently and safely.


One of the main maintenance tasks is to keep the bearings of the motor lubricated. This helps to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear on the motor.


It is also important to regularly check the wiring and connections of the motor to ensure that they are secure and free from damage.


Finally, it is important to keep the motor clean and free from dirt and debris. This helps to prevent damage to the motor and ensures that it continues to operate efficiently.


Final Word


The electric motorcycle hub motor is a fascinating piece of technology that plays a key role in the operation of an electric motorcycle. Understanding how it works and how to maintain it is important for any motorcycle enthusiast.


If you're considering an electric motorcycle, the hub motor is an important consideration. It provides a direct drive system that is smooth and quiet, but it can also be heavier than other types of motors.


Overall, the hub motor is a reliable and efficient choice for powering an electric motorcycle. With proper maintenance, it can provide years of trouble-free operation.


Thank you for reading.