Customer Story: DOFA Set Up EV Assembly Line in Indonesia With Partner

Oct 20, 2023

In this intriguing customer story, DOFA, a leading name among electric motorcycle manufacturers, ventured into a promising collaboration with an Indonesian partner, Motta. This partnership marked an important milestone in DOFA.


Meet Indonesian Partner Motta


In the bustling archipelago of Indonesia, an ambitious partnership has emerged between two pioneering companies. DOFA, an internationally recognized leader among electric motorcycle manufacturers, and Motta, an Indonesian company renowned for its innovative approach to business. This alliance is a testament to the growing global trend towards sustainable modes of transportation and the increasing demand for electric motorcycles.


Brief Overview of Electric Motorcycle Market in Indonesia


The electric motorcycle market in Indonesia has been witnessing a significant surge in recent years. A combination of factors such as increasing environmental awareness, government initiatives to promote electric vehicles, and the rising cost of gasoline has contributed to this growth.


Indonesia, with its sprawling urban centers and densely populated regions, is an ideal market for electric motorcycles. The electric two-wheelers offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional motorcycles, which are widely used for daily commuting in the country.


Indonesian government has been proactive in encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles


Moreover, the Indonesian government has been proactive in encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles. Numerous incentives and policies have been introduced to make electric motorcycles more affordable and accessible to the masses. These initiatives have further fueled the growth of the electric motorcycle market in the country.


Opportunities and Challenges for Motta in Indonesia


While there are ample opportunities in the Indonesian market for electric motorcycle manufacturers, there are also several challenges to overcome.


Motta's first hurdle revolves around the significant gap in technology and expertise concerning electric vehicles. While fuel motorcycles enjoy a rich history in Indonesia, electric motorcycles represent uncharted territory. The essential components and technology differ vastly from their gasoline counterparts. Therefore, Motta requires a seasoned partner to furnish technological assistance and guide them in formulating a holistic production and marketing strategy.


technical support


The second obstacle that Motta encounters relates to the government's TKDN (Domestic component content) stipulations and the need for a local manufacturer. These requirements are crucial to curtail import duty and to secure government subsidies. Consequently, they must establish a local assembly line and technical center to meet these prerequisites.


The Solution: Technical Support and Local Factory Set Up from DOFA


The partnership between DOFA and Motta aimed to overcome the challenges and tap into the opportunities of the Indonesian electric motorcycle market. DOFA provided technical support, including advanced manufacturing technologies and quality control systems, to ensure the production of superior quality electric motorcycles.


indonesia partnership assembly line


Furthermore, DOFA assisted Motta in setting up a local factory for the assembly of electric motorcycles. This step was crucial in reducing the cost of the motorcycles, making them more affordable for the Indonesian consumer. A local factory also meant creating job opportunities in the region, contributing to the local economy.


The collaboration between DOFA and Motta is a perfect example of a global-local partnership. DOFA's global expertise and technologies combined with Motta's understanding of the local market dynamics created a strong synergy, driving the successful launch of their electric motorcycles in Indonesia.


Setting up the EV Assembly Line in Indonesia


The setup of the EV assembly line was a significant milestone for DOFA and Motta. It marked the beginning of a new era in the Indonesian electric motorcycle market. The assembly line was designed with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure efficiency and productivity.


With DOFA's technical support, Motta was able to set up an assembly line that adhered to international standards of quality and safety. The electric motorcycles produced were not only superior in performance but also met the expectations of the environmentally conscious Indonesian consumer.


The successful setup of the EV assembly line is a testament to the collaborative spirit and shared vision of DOFA and Motta. It showcases how businesses can leverage partnerships to overcome challenges and make a positive impact.


Achieving Results For Motta


Since the setup of the EV assembly line, DOFA and Motta have achieved several milestones. The production of electric motorcycles has been steadily increasing, meeting the growing demand in the Indonesian market. The motorcycles have also received positive feedback from consumers, highlighting their superior performance and affordability.

electric vehicle assembly line in indonesia


Furthermore, the assembly line has created numerous job opportunities, contributing to the local economy. It has also helped in reducing the carbon footprint by promoting the use of clean energy. These achievements are in line with both DOFA and Motta's commitment to sustainability and economic development.


electric vehicle outlet in indonesia


The partnership between DOFA and Motta has not only succeeded in capitalizing on the opportunities in the Indonesian market but also set a precedent for future collaborations among electric motorcycle manufacturers.


The Future for DOFA and Electric Motorcycle Manufacturers in Indonesia


The future looks promising for DOFA and other electric motorcycle manufacturers in Indonesia. With the government's continued support for electric vehicles and the increasing consumer demand, the market is poised for further growth.


For DOFA and Motta, the journey has just begun. They plan to continue their efforts to promote electric motorcycles and contribute to Indonesia's shift towards clean energy. They also aim to leverage their partnership to explore new opportunities and overcome any future challenges.


electric motorcycle in indonesia


The success of DOFA and Motta serves as an inspiration for other electric motorcycle manufacturers. It underscores the power of collaboration and the potential of the Indonesian market. It also highlights the importance of adapting to local market dynamics and leveraging global expertise to drive business success.


Develop Your Local Producing Ability with DOFA


DOFA's partnership with Motta is a shining example of how manufacturers can leverage global expertise to develop local production abilities. If you are looking to explore the opportunities in the electric motorcycle market, DOFA can provide the technical support and expertise needed to set up a local assembly line.


By developing your local producing ability with DOFA, you can not only tap into the growing market but also contribute to the shift towards sustainable transportation. With DOFA, you can make a difference in your community and the world. Develop your local producing ability with DOFA today.


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