Customer Story: DOFA Supports JL with Excellent OEM and ODM Service

Nov 28, 2022

The motorcycle market in Pakistan was worth $4.2 million in 2021. Chinese motorcycle brand JL wanted to expand into this growing southeast Asian market. They had a ready Pakistani partner in their local dealer, GM Group. 

JL saw that the next area of growth would be electric motorcycles. The company had extensive experience in gasoline motorcycles. However, their limited experience with electric vehicles was holding back their expansion plans.

They discovered the benefits of OEM and ODM service from DOFA and reached their expansion goals. Learn more here about the partnership between DOFA and JL. You'll see how working with an electric motorcycle manufacturer can help you turn your next idea into reality.


Meet JL and GM Group


JL is a professional manufacturer of gasoline motorcycles headquartered in China. They specialize in two- and three-wheeled vehicles.

The company has a long history. JL started manufacturing motorcycles in 1979 and partnered with Honda in 1981. They now produce more than 2 million motorcycles each year.

JL has increased their focus on transforming traditional industries in recent years. This includes innovations in new energy.

JL signed a cooperation agreement with GM Group to establish a new energy motorcycle production line in Pakistan. GM Group is the largest JL dealer in Pakistan. They will gradually localize the manufacturing of parts and components.

The new bikes will be sold under the JL brand.


Opportunities and Challenges for Electric Motorcycles in Pakistan


More than half of Pakistanis reported owning a motorcycle in 2019. This number has risen by 42% over the last 15 years. Bikes are small enough to maneuver through congested traffic. They're easy to repair.

Motorcycles are cheaper to fuel than cars. However, many Pakistanis are now switching from gasoline to electric motorcycles. As gasoline prices rise, many ordinary families can't afford fuel for traditional motorcycles.

An electric motorcycle must be as robust as a gasoline-powered one, though. A motorcycle must be able to carry people and goods at the same time. Challenging road conditions in Pakistan put small vehicles to the test.

The weather is also a challenge. Seasonal temperatures range from extremely cold to very hot.

In addition, an electric motorcycle must be a good value. Most people in Pakistan can't afford high prices.




The Solution: OEM and ODM Services from DOFA


JL Group wanted to expand into the electric motorcycle market. They needed an experienced partner to make the expansion successful. They found DOFA.

DOFA is an electric motorcycle manufacturer with global expertise. DOFA is a manufacturer and seller of e-mopeds and e-motorcycles. They partner with companies who want to design and manufacture high-quality two- and three-wheeled vehicles.

DOFA provides OEM and ODM service depending on the client's needs. JL drew on DOFA's expertise in the electric vehicle market as an OEM and ODM.

Manufacturer Options with OEM and ODM

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a company that provides manufacturing services. The client develops the product. The OEM provides the manufacturing capability to produce it on time and at scale.

An original design manufacturer (ODM) fulfills a wider range of functions for the client than an OEM. An ODM can offer:

Product conception




 The ODM fully designs and builds the product for the client to bring to market.



Advantages of OEM and ODM


OEM and ODM benefit companies in several ways. These outsourcing options reduce costs and help new products get to market faster.

Create a Better Product

A key advantage of working with DOFA for OEM and ODM services is creating a better product. DOFA collaborated with JL Group to develop the best possible electric motorcycle for the market in Pakistan.

An ODM can offer technical assistance and expertise. The client can benefit from insights on how to improve current and future products.

Reduce Costs

OEM services reduce costs for the client. JL didn't need to invest in new production infrastructure. DOFA had the necessary production facilities and capabilities.

OEM and ODM service from DOFA also reduce personnel costs.

JL didn't need to hire additional production staff. ODM services include research, design, and development. JL didn't need to hire new R & D employees or consultants either.

With OEM and ODM service, clients benefit from economies of scale. Even prototypes and small production runs are less expensive than in-house manufacturing.

Get to Market Faster

Getting an electric motorcycle from conception to production can be a long process. For a company without extensive experience in the market, the process can be even longer.

An OEM or ODM like DOFA helps products get to market faster. The client can avoid some of the trial-and-error that slows development.

DOFA's manufacturing capacity meant that JL Group didn't have to deal with production delays. Scaling up production went smoothly.



Achieving Results for JL GM Group


DOFA collaborated with JL to develop four new models. These bikes are specifically designed for the market in Pakistan.

They're mature models developed from the original gasoline motorcycles. The electric bikes have 1500W and 2000W high-performance motors.

A 72V 20Ah sealed lead acid battery keeps the cost of ownership lower. These deep-cycle batteries are heavy-duty but economical.

The performance of the new electric motorcycles is stable and reliable. They can handle high temperatures and rural road conditions. All four models have passed all the necessary tests in Pakistan.



Take Advantage of OEM and ODM Service from DOFA


JL chose to partner with DOFA to expand its product line and electric strategy in Pakistan. OEM and ODM service brought many benefits.

DOFA consulted with JL to fully understand their requirements. The new electric motorcycles meet the specific needs of the Pakistani market. JL achieved its goals at a lower cost and in a shorter timeframe.

DOFA has found success supporting the success of our partners. Our annual production is 60,000 electric motorcycles, mopeds, and bicycles. You can count on our state-of-the-art facilities and enhanced quality control processes.

Learn more about our OEM and ODM service and request a quote for your next project.