The Benefits of an Electric Motorcycle

Oct 24, 2022

Increasing concerns over oil accessibility, cost, and carbon emissions have driven serious growth in the electric motorcycle market. In 2020 the electric scooters and motorcycles market was valued at 2 billion USD and is expected to grow to 3.5 billion USD by 2026.


This shift towards sustainable transportation has prominent motorcycle brands and auto companies stepping up their electric vehicle game. Electric motorbikes, once an extremely niche market, are now revving up mainstream appeal.

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What is an Electric Motorcycle?

An electric motorcycle is similar to a gas-powered motorcycle, but it runs on an electric engine as opposed to a conventional gas-powered engine. Instead of burning gasoline, an electric motorcycle uses electricity as fuel, just like an electric car.


Gas-powered vehicles have long been a staple of modern society, and the switch to electric power can be intimidating. Many people wonder:

♦ How does an electric motorcycle work?

♦ Can an electric motorcycle go fast?

♦ Is it safe?

♦ How do you “re-fill” it?

The electricity powering an electric motorcycle comes from rechargeable batteries. The battery is an essential component of the motorcycle, powering the electric engine, which is much smaller and simpler than the engine in a conventional motorcycle.

Similar to traditional motorcycles, electric motorcycles use different components to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. Traditional gas-powered motorcycles use parts like a cylinder, piston, clutch, gas tank, and exhaust to move the gas through the process of powering the motorcycle. An electric motorcycle does not have any of these parts. Instead, the chain and sprockets are essential elements to transfer power through the motorcycle.

Starting and running the engine requires a charged battery. This process can take one to three hours and is very similar to charging electric car batteries.


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What are the Benefits of an Electric Motorcycle?

Many motorcycle lovers enjoy the vibrations and loud noise associated with a gas-powered motorcycle. Electric motorcycles do not offer these sensations; however, there are many benefits of using an electric motorcycle.


Low Emissions

Electric motorcycles are environmentally friendly, emitting no exhaust. Electric motorcycles produce zero emissions and so do not contribute to smog or carbon emissions.


Low noise

Combustion engines are loud, and many motorcycle owners enjoy the loud sounds of a motorcycle; however, low noise is a benefit for many. Electric motorcycles are almost silent, making them an attractive alternative for people living in quieter areas or who desire a noiseless ride.


Low Running Costs

Initial costs of owning an electric motorcycle may be the same or more than a gas-powered motorcycle. The ongoing costs of owning and maintaining an electric motorcycle are lower, offering an overall savings when choosing an electric option.


Easy to Ride

Electric motorcycles are lightweight and easier to ride than their conventional counterparts. Traditional motorcycles are extremely heavy and challenging to ride. This ease of use opens up a whole new transportation option for those who would never consider a gas-powered motorcycle.


Instant Torque and Power

Gas-powered engines take longer to reach peak power and torque. In contrast, electric motors can instantly get peak power and torque from 0 RPM and maintain a more consistent torque and power throughout the ride.


Low Maintenance

Electric motorbikes have a simpler motor, which includes fewer components such as air filters, spark plugs, oil, and other parts to repair and maintain. Going electric is going to get you a much lower maintenance vehicle. This is also helpful to your wallet, as owners spend less time and money on service and repairs.


E-Motorcycles are Fun

Quieter and void of the vibrations of traditional motorcycles, electric motorcycles are fun to ride. They still provide the wind in your hair, sun on your face, and freedom of a conventional motorcycle ride. Just without the overwhelming noise or damage to the environment.

One fature that makes an e-motorcycle a fun ride is the ease of use. Many people who would never attempt to operate a gas-powered motorcycle can hop on an electric motorcycle with no problem.

Electric motorcycles allow you to go to places cars cannot travel. E-motorcycles open up a whole new world of fun for many people.


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China is Leading in the Manufacturing of E-motorcycles


China’s market for two-wheeled electric vehicles, including electric motorcycles, is very mature, making China a major producer of e-motorcycles worldwide. The Jiangsu province of China is actually the global leader in manufacturing and developing electric motorcycles, selling to over 50 million people across 80 countries through a network of 35,000+ retailers worldwide.

China’s electric motorbike market also leads the way in innovative new charging solutions for riders. This innovative leadership includes new wireless charging development and a battery-swapping service helping riders swap batteries in seconds instead of charging for hours.

If you’re in the market for an electric ride, don’t overlook the bikes from China. Electric motorcycle manufacturers in China have a wide selection of brands for the savvy consumer.


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Dofa Electric Bike


The many benefits of using an electric motorcycle are constantly developing. For example, innovations for faster charging and battery swapping are in the works among manufacturers. It is safe to say electric vehicles are here to stay. The electric motorcycle is a great place to start if you are thinking about trying out an electric vs. a gas-powered motorcycle.

At DOFA we offer a wide range of electric bikes, including e-motorcycles. As a young, ambitious Chinese manufacturer, we are proud to be part of the larger global market to help lead the way in the electric motorcycle market. We are based in the city of Wuxi, renowned as the global center of the electric bike manufacturing industry. Our motorcycles are high-tech and cost-effective, and we strive to meet your needs with our products and services.