Wholesale Electric Moped

Our goal is to design and manufacture wholesale e-mopeds with a driving experience that combines high quality, high performance and high safety.

With the shift to more eco-friendly commuting solutions, there’s a rising demand for electric vehicles all over the world. DOFA is at the forefront of addressing this need with our next-generation wholesale electric mopeds. We’ve designed these e-mopeds with quality and performance in mind, giving riders the ultimate riding experience. So whether they’re commuting in the suburbs or downtown areas, they have a reliable ride with a minimal carbon footprint.

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What Determines the Cost of an Electric Moped?

Here are a few factors that influence the pricing of our electric mopeds.

● Power of the Motor: The more powerful the motor, the faster the speed of the vehicle. In addition, a more capable motor allows the e-moped to climb steeper inclines and navigate more unruly road conditions.

Battery Capacity: A higher battery capacity means longer charging intervals. In addition, the electric moped can reach farther distances with a single charge — less carbon footprint and more convenience from a commuter standpoint. Finally, there’s the battery life cycle. Ones with bigger capacities tend to have more charge and discharge cycles before losing performance.

● Other Features and Accessories: Additions like large-capacity cargo boxes, LCD/TFT cockpits, hydraulic shock absorber, ABS, CBS and high-efficiency chain systems all add to the costs of electric mopeds.

How To Select the Best Electric Mopeds Wholesale for Your Local Market ?

Before investing in a batch of wholesale electric moped models, you need to determine first the best option for your local market.


You’ll want to offer the electric moped that fits the needs of your market’s demographic. On average, e-moped users are between 20 to 40 years old. These are working professionals who need to travel short distances to reach their place of employment, so they want a reliable vehicle that’s also cost-effective and more eco-friendly.

Highway Infrastructure

Some of our more powerful electric mopeds are better suited for markets with less-than-ideal road conditions. So you’ll want to take into account the existing public infrastructure of your target area to determine the models to sell. If you order models that will have difficulty climbing steep inclines, then only a few people will buy them.

Median Income

Determining the purchasing power of your target demographic or market is important. Those working in bigger cities tend to have higher incomes so they can afford the more powerful e-mopeds like the Tango,  WindGiant, N90 and Turtle . The JQ , S9 H1 and TTX may fare better if sold to markets with lower incomes as it becomes a dependable and cost-effective option. Dofa have more affordable models like SL, VSP which are suitable for the developing market, click DOFA Youtube Channel to lean more or just send us inquiry to get the full catalog!

Electric Mopeds China: How To Wholesale Electric Mopeds From DOFA

1. Understand Your Market: The first thing you’ll want to consider is your local market. This knowledge will help you determine the model that will create the most ROI.

2. Request a Quote: Once you’ve finalized the model and features for your market, request a quote for your batch of wholesale electric mopeds with all your customized requirements and maybe your target price.

3. Payment and Shipping: Considering of the battery of the moped needs hazardous container for delivery, we’ll discuss financing options and shipping methods to your country, region, or territory. In addition, we’ll talk about the lead time, possible taxes, packaging, and special requests you might have.

4. After-Sales Support: We’ll work with you if you find quality issues, need replacements, or require additional training for sales representatives.

Download our Wholesale e-moped catalog

DOFA carries a great selection of affordable electric mopeds in our product line. So to help with your decision-making, you can download our catalog and learn more about each model. Simply submit your e-mail address, and we’ll send the file for downloading.


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