Chinese Electric Motorcycles

Our goal is to design and manufacture chinese affordable e-motorcycles with a driving experience that combines high quality, high performance and high safety.

Fuel prices are increasing and pollution is a big concern with more petrol-based vehicles appearing on the streets. The result is an increased demand for an eco-friendly and affordable solution. DOFA addresses this need by providing the latest in chinese electric motorcycle technology. These are some of the highest quality vehicles in the market, providing the performance, and durability riders need.

Whether you’re looking for a way to commute or for long-distance travel, you can have a mode of transportation with low environmental impact. Here’s what you need to know about e-motorcycles.

What Determines the Cost of an Electric Motorcycle?

Several factors influence the price of our electric motorcycles:

● Engine power: The stronger the engine, the higher its price in the market and the shorter it can hit a top speed. There is a strong demand for powerful ones because they have higher carrying capacity and work better in challenging terrains . The 4000w and 5000w one are high speed while 8000w and 10000w brings the greatest driving passion.

● Battery: A higher battery pack capacity means the vehicle can run longer and store more energy. Higher storage kwh battery also tends to have longer lifespans, commanding higher prices. You also want to check for efficiency, meaning how fast it uses up its charge concerning distance traveled.

● Features: Chain systems, solar capacity, extra storage, and hydraulics are some of the few features you can add to an electric motorcycle. The more features it possesses, the higher the price.

How to Select the Best Electric Motorcycles For Your Local Market

Before you decide to buy a batch of electric motorcycles to resell in your area, you first have to make several considerations:

Target Audience

What type of people will likely buy these electric motorcycles? You need to understand the average age, gender, work, and needs they have. Why would they want to buy an electric motorcycle? It will help you narrow your options on the best models to sell in your area.


Apart from your target audience, you’ll also want to know the average income they possess. It makes no sense to buy a luxury electric motorcycle if very few people in your area can buy it. The Monster may be a better fit for lower-income areas that want e-motorcycles for general use. On the other hand, some more affluent communities will like the Shadow better.


What are the usual road conditions in your area? Do you have a lot of off-road pathways or elevated terrain? With rougher conditions, it’s best to stock a motorcycle capable of traversing these roads like the MONSTER. The SHADOW thrives best in areas with many highways and smooth roads. Some bikes work better in certain places than others.

How to Wholesale Electric Motorcycles from DOFA

1. Request a Quote: You’ll send us the details of what model you want to buy with the features you want added. We’ll get back to you with the price range, including shipping fees.

2. Payment: You can complete your order using any approved payment options. You can also contact us to discuss financing, shipments, taxes, and other requests. We’ll begin readying the units for delivery to your area.

3. Shipping: We’ll provide more information about shipping in your area or country. You’ll get an estimated lead time, packaging information, and other details at your request.

4. After-Sales Support:  Feel free to contact us if you encounter any issues with your shipment. We can provide training, replacements, and customer service support.

Download our Affordable e-motorcycle catalog

DOFA has a selection of cheap electric motorcycles for all types of riders. Provide us with your email address, and we’ll send you a catalog providing more detail about each model. You’ll receive a download link for your copies to read before buying from us.


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