Leading Electric Wheeler Manufacturer from Wuxi

Leading Electric Wheeler Manufacturer from Wuxi

We have been manufacturing electric mopeds, motorcycles and tricycles for well-known and global brands for several years. Supporting the success of others has helped us to be successful as well!

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Our Factory

Wuxi factory is specilized in electric 2 wheel moped and motorcycle and Tianjin factory for electric bicycle and tricycle. Wuxi factory covers an area of about 80,000 square meters. We currently have 500 employees in the factory, including 65 engineers for development and quality control. We have imported several production lines and various testing equipment, which help us build a first-class quality control system. At present, our annual production capacity is 200,000 electric bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds, which has made us a modernized medium-sized enterprise.


We expand our reach continuously and grow at a steady pace.

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DOFA electric scooter factory quality control

Our Quality Control

Factory is euiqpped with advanced production line and complete vehicle testing equipment,  the mature quality control process ensure the stable quality of vehicles.

Based on our understanding that quality is the core of everything, we implement our testing procedures that meet the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system, and strive to become a leading manufacturer in the e-mobility industry.

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International quality standards

Incoming Quality Control

Frame Damping Test

During the Frame Damping Fatigue test, the electric motorcycle is subjected to a series of controlled stress cycles to simulate real-world riding conditions. These tests help identify potential weak points in the frame design and material composition. Engineers can then refine their designs to enhance the overall performance and longevity of the electric motorcycle. 

DOFA BIKE Storage System

Motor Power Test

The Motor Power Test is a critical aspect of the overall performance evaluation of electric motorcycles and electric scooters. This test aims to assess the efficiency, power output, and torque capabilities of the electric motor under various conditions, ensuring the reliability and optimal functioning of the vehicle throughout its life cycle.

DOFA BIKE Ongoing Quality Control

Fatigue Test

Brake cable fatigue testing is an essential procedure in ensuring the safety and reliability of electric motorcycles and electric scooters. This test aims to evaluate the durability and performance of brake cables under repetitive stress, simulating real-life usage conditions. Through this evaluation, manufacturers can identify potential weak points in the brake system and make necessary adjustments to improve overall vehicle safety.

DOFA electric scooter Final Quality Control

Speed and Load Detection

The speed and load detection test of an electric motorcycle is a crucial aspect in determining the overall performance and efficiency of the vehicle. This test is conducted to measure the maximum speed an electric scooter can attain under various load conditions, as well as to assess its acceleration capabilities and power delivery. By evaluating these factors, manufacturers can ensure that their electric motorcycles are not only eco-friendly but also offer high-performance levels that cater to a diverse range of consumers.

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